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Flat Top Bollard Made From Recycled Materials

Recycled plastic bollards are a fantastic alternative to traditional materials.

Suitable for both light and medium-duty use, they can be used as a decorative marker or guiding post in any street, car park, rural area or other public place.

Sizes available:
RS017283 – 100mm diameter
RS017284 – 120mm diameter
RS017285 – 150mm diameter
Class 1 Diamond Grade banding available:
20mm in red, white or half red/half white
50mm in red, white or half red/half white
80mm in red, white or half red/half white
*Important information – When ordering please specify style of top required and if banding is required please specify size, colour and quantity. Standard banding is 1 x 80mm or 3 x 20mm.

If you have other requirements please discuss with our sales team.

Please call for more information!


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