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Eclipse Dual TimberMET Recycling Bin

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Advancedscape News

We are known for supplying high quality products, but now that bar just got raised – with the launch of the new Eclipse Dual TimberMET Recycling Unit. Most robust timber designed units incorporate a metal frame, but having been given a brief from Loughborough University, we went to work designing a unit that was designed for the future!

There experience had shown, that as there timber bins weathered, the ‘planks’ moved and in some cases, to the point of separation away from the steel frame. A simple answer may have been to use larger screws, changing the steel framework, or any other tried and tested method. We however wanted to ‘future proof’ our proposal, by offering a product with more than ‘just’ a steel framework and a grade of timber that was higher than the norm, the result – a bin fit for one of the UK’s leading Universities and a local park too!

If you are considering Wooden bins for your parks, schools or areas of natural beauty, contact us today to find out more about our new Range of Timber bins including the Eclipse TimberMET Single Litter Bin.