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Bespoke Metal Work Solutions

by | May 12, 2016 | Advancedscape News

The development of the Richmond Avenue Bridge Repair scheme in Feltham, proved the ideal test for us when asked if we could design, manufacture and install a railing & gate system as part of Hounslow Highways continued regeneration programme.

Having visited site and establishing the appropriate fencing style & system that was to be used, we then proceeded to design a bespoke railing system that made all the relevant allowances for differing ground levels and servicing channels and not forgetting the clients detailed specification.

Finally, to add a little spice into the mix, we given a very tight time frame to work within, and having been awarded the contract, we were able to supply a complete system all within four weeks. Many thanks to the project team at HH, for showing their faith and confidence in both our workmanship, and our word!.

Should you have a requirement for any form of metal worked products, fencing, bollards, outdoor furniture and waste bins, contact me now to discuss what we can offer and how we can assist you.